What You Should Look For in Selecting a Gym in New Jersey

Check out the gym's equipment and facilities. Do the machines look fairly new and well-maintained? Is the latest type of workout machine available? What alternatives are offered? Does the gym provide aerobics or other fitness classes? See if you can get a free trial to use the gym before you sign up.

Drop by the gym during its peak hours to see if it is too crowded for your tastes. Or you can just drop by during the times when you expect to use the gym and see whether it is too crowded then.

Make sure that the exercise training gyms is available on the schedule that you require. See if the gym offers lower rates during off-peak hours. If you only plan to go to the gym during off-peak times, you may be able to save on some expenses.


Ask whether they give an induction to new members. An induction is a demonstration by a fitness instructor of the equipment available at the gym, to ensure that members know how to use the equipment safely and effectively. Inductions are a standard practice, but it is better for you to make sure that the gym does provide one.

Check to see what membership covers. Does your fee take care of the use of lockers, towels, the spa, and other facilities? What about the use of other gyms in the same chain, or that are partners of this gym? Can you use your membership at those other gyms when you are traveling?

Assess the staff as well. Are they friendly and accommodating? Do they seem skilled and knowledgeable?

Read your contract carefully before you sign it. Make sure you understand everything it says and don't hesitate to ask if there is something that you don't find clear. Check to see how long the commitment period will be, as well as the notice period for cancellation