What is overpronation of the foot?

One important thing you find within the running community is many common myths and bad information relating to exercising, running injury as well as athletic shoes. This results in a lot of bad advice getting provided by individuals unqualified to provide it and the taking on of this advice by those runners who are not really in a position to evaluate if the suggestions is good or not. One of those fallacies is the knowledge of “overpronation” and what that has got to do with running injury as well as athletic shoes. You can read in many places that overpronation is nasty and is an enemy to the athlete and should be removed at all cost. On the contrary, you could also read that it is a non-event and absolutely nothing to worry about.

Pronation is a normal healthy movement in which once the foot hits the ground the ankle rolls inwards and the mid-foot collapses. There is nothing erroneous with this movement and it is the way the foot absorbs shock and adjusts to the floor. Overpronation is obviously when there is an excessive amount of this motion. The first trouble with this is there's not any classification or consensus as to what is too much, so that is an issue. Overpronation is thought to be a risk factor for a lots of too much use injuries that athletes get due to the dysfunctional problems that it is supposed to cause. The problem is that lots who overpronate aren't getting any disorders, others get injuries, so this is regarded as a concern. Foot orthotics and other different types of interventions have been intended to manage the problems. As this was deemed a big dilemma, then the whole class of running shoes, the motion control running shoes have design features which are purported to help deal with the overpronation action of the foot preventing these injuries. The data this is what really occurs may not be good. Because of this, this can lead to a great deal of disagreement.

Within the framework of these arguments you should have a look at precisely what the systematic reviews of all of the studies are showing. The most recent systematic reviews do concur that overpronation is a concern, nevertheless, it is only a smaller issue, however that is still statistically important. This means that there are lots of other reasons involved in the overuse injury in athletes than just the overpronation.

The other trouble with the subject is going to be that everybody perceives they can be an expert about it and each of them is able to correct it. You will find many different causes of overpronation and because of that there are not going to be a single method which can make it better. A lot of pseudo-experts like to recommend that building up the hip and the muscles there are definitely the choice. That could just help if that's the location where the issue is. In the event the issue is because of restricted calf muscles, then absolutely nothing you are doing at the hip is likely to make it better. Foot orthoses are not going to work for tight calf muscles either. The single thing which will help them will be heel raises in the short term and stretching in the long run. For people with overpronation and it should be dealt with, ignore the foolishness online and go and see somebody that actually is aware of what they're doing.