What Are Good White Tea Blends

One of the foremost recent trends in Western tea drinking is white tea. Though white tea has been around for hundreds of years , it's only recently become popular outside of the Asian world. Most white tea is grown, it had been traditionally reserved for special occasions due to its rarity. Today, however, tea drinkers everywhere the planet are enjoying white tea more and more.

White tea comes from an equivalent plant as other teas, the tea. But, it's harvested before the leaves are fully open and while the buds are still covered with fine white hair. This makes the tea leaves much mellower, leading to a way milder tea than black and green teas. Additionally to being harvested at a special time than other teas white tea undergoes little or no processing, and isn't fermented. Many companies such as Cha Do Shop which provide white tea products.

white tea

The leaves are simply steamed then dried. Sometimes the leaves are even steamed and dried right within the tea fields and dried within the sun to guard the fragile flavor. White tea's flavor is far milder than black or tea and it's a really delicate aroma also . It brews to a really pale color and features a hint of sweetness.

This mild flavor and aroma appeals to tea drinkers who might find tea too heavy or tea to possess a touch of a grassy flavor. Due to this, white tea has opened tea drinking to an entire new group of drinkers who might not have enjoyed tea before. In addition to being delicious to drink, white tea is additionally very healthy.

In fact, while few studies are performed on white tea, it's believed to be even healthier than tea . Antioxidants are present in high levels in natural tea leaves, but the fermentation process changes these antioxidants, reducing their effectiveness. Because tea , like white, isn't fermented it retains more of its natural antioxidants.