Ultimate List of Water Trampoline Games

Jumping, rolling, and splashing water are natural things that children and young adults love on water trampolines. But after hours of doing this activity, sometimes it takes a little imagination to work harder to prolong the fun. You can select the best quality aqua glide trampoline for water trampoline games to challenge your creativity, but the fun is really limited to your imagination!


Hot Potato: If there are at least three trampoline players the players must always jump. A player starts by throwing the ball to another player, who must catch it and quickly throw it to another player. If a player drops the ball, fails to catch it, or stops jumping to catch the ball, they are out of play. The last one to jump without dropping the ball is the winner.

Trampoline telephone: Also for at least three players. All players stand on the edge of the trampoline. A player starts by walking to the center of the trampoline and performing a trick, such as B. jumping on one leg, falling from below, or falling off the knee. Then the next child has to repeat this trick and then add their own new trick. Then a third person does both tricks and adds their own, and so on. The game continues until the player remembers the sequence of tricks and hands correctly. The last player to take all the tricks in the correct order is the winner.

Marco Polo: For at least three players. A player sits in the center of the trampoline with his eyes closed. The other players calmly spread out on the trampoline and sat motionlessly. The midfielders count aloud to ten, then stand with their eyes still closed and try to mark the other players. When "that" middle man calls out "Marco", the other players must answer "Polo". If the middle person touches another player, that person becomes "it" and moves to the center of the trampoline and the game continues. A variation of this game for older children is to allow the player to move around the water and get off the trampoline.