The Specific Role of Personal Coaching

The coach must be supportive and should always be ready to help the employees without judging them for the mistakes they have made.

It is very important for the coaching to stimulate the development of the personal competencies and in the same time not to permit the employees to become dependent on the coaching and not to be able to make personal decisions but always to need the advice of the coach. 

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The coaching stimulates the individual qualities of every single employee and helps them realize how important they actually are for the future of the company. The coaching must represent the objectives of the company and to find ways for achieving these objectives together with the whole staff.

The coaching helps the staff to get used to the changes, which sooner or later become inevitable for the functioning of the company. The coaching is preferred by most of the big companies as it is difficult to work with a lot of different individuals and to expect one and the same results from them all.

The productivity of the company is increased as a result of the coaching as every employee has a chance to see his or her weak sides and to overcome them with the help of the coach.