The Health Benefits of Bath Salts

Although most people take baths for hygienic reasons, dead sea salt is not used in the shower or bath. Rather, bath salt was made to help moisturize the body while undergoing a bath. This product became popular around the world in the 20th century. Now, it can be found in almost any health food store or bath merchandise department. Because of its hydrating effect, bath salt has become a very popular addition to many bath and body products and has even spread into some beauty treatments.

Although bath salts only hold so many benefits for your body, including reducing stress, relaxing sore muscles, and lowering blood pressure, adding bath salt to your routine can really add amazing health benefits to your skin. Other benefits include helping you to retain moisture of your skin, balancing water levels of the skin, and eliminating dryness without stripping the epidermis of its natural, moisturizing oil. It also helps to restore the pH of the skin to an optimum level which improves skin tone and texture. Most bath salts contain essential oils, plant extracts, and other natural oils that work together to create a unique, luxurious experience.

As with using bath salts on the body, you should carefully read the instructions on each product before you begin using it. Using a foot soak or shower scrub will usually call for you to mix the essential oil with warm water. Next, you will want to apply the scrub to your whole body in small circular movements. You should pay special attention to the areas that are most sensitive and irritated. For example, if you have extremely dry skin, you may not want to use a scrub that contains lanolin. The purpose of the scrub is to gently exfoliate and cleanse, not to strip your skin.

When making a bath or shower scrub, do not add any type of lotion, moisturizer, or perfume. If you have these products added while making the scrub, it can actually strip your skin of its necessary moisture. If you must use any of these products, it is best to use them at the end of the bath or shower and then immediately rinse your body with plain water. If you want to add any of these products, dissolve the lotion or perfume first and then add them to your sea salt and scrub mixture.

Another way to use bath salts is to mix them with table salt. When making a paste with table salt and bath salt, make sure that you choose a high-quality grade of salt and combine it with a quality essential oil to maximize the positive effects. Some essential oils are known to have negative effects on sensitive skin and those with dry skins should consider using them in combination with a low-salt alternative. It is best to use a small amount at first to test for a reaction. However, if you find that your skin reacts badly to the combination, make a switch to the unsweetened variety instead. The same is true when using bath salts with calcium chloride.

Some common ingredients found in natural bath salts are magnesium sulfate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and sodium bicarbonate. Most of the bath salts mentioned contain chloride and many are artificial chemicals synthesized to produce a specific effect. It is best to avoid artificial ingredients in favor of natural ingredients that have been proven to be effective and safe for human consumption.

There are many natural ingredients that are included in bath salt and some of them are not even part of the normal list of things found in sea salts. These ingredients include magnesium sulfate, dried thyme, lavender, and Rosemary. These products should only be used with natural sea salts such as sea salt, dead sea salt, or Himalayan sea salt. When used in combination with other ingredients, they can produce chemical compounds that are dangerous to the skin.

In order to reap the health benefits of bath products, one must strictly adhere to strict health precautions. Before using bath products or when treating a skin condition, one must dilute the product with lukewarm water and use it sparingly until the properties have been fully assimilated. This process helps to prevent damaging the skin and also works to increase blood flow. After using bath products that contain high levels of essential oils, it is best to apply a small amount of olive oil over the affected area to moisturize the area. Olive oil has similar healing qualities to that of dead sea salt, so it is beneficial in healing and soothing rashes and irritation caused by the use of bath salts.