The Amino Acid Chelate Is An Essential Nutrient For Plant Growth

Although most people don't know what amino acid chelate is, it plays an important role in the health and well-being of your farm or garden. Chelation is the process of combining an organic compound with metals. It involves wrapping the nutrient in a thin coating to prevent it from bonding with other nutrients. 

Instead, it blends with metal nutrients. Although there are synthetic inputs such as EDTA or Humic-chelates, cremation is a natural process. However, the process of creating artificial input is quite complicated. If you want to increase your crop output  then you should always choose organic nutrients for plants.

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Amino Acid Chelation

This is the most commonly used organic agent in chelation. It is made by a complex process that uses amino acids as the biological base. Because it is the building block for protein, it is a stable fertilizer that can be absorbed by the soil. 

Amino Chelation is better

The chelation process ensures that the metal and organic nutrients are stable. This reduces the effectiveness. It is easier to dissolve the metal nutrients because they won't mix with other ions. This means that the nutrients absorbed by plants will be purer. 

Prevent Leaching

Leaching refers to the process of losing water, soluble substances, or nutrients (e.g., salt, fertilizer and nutrients). Leaching is the process of removing water or soluble substances from the soil. This occurs when the soil absorbs too much water, such as from rain.