Custom Water Fountains For Commercial Use

If you're thinking about designing a lobby for your clinic, office, or hotel the idea of a commercial fountain can offer a wealth of advantages. A water fountain that is custom-designed can be as big or small as the space you have available. For hotel lobby areas an impressive free-standing fountain can look elegant and striking. 

In a smaller lawyer's office, a customized wall fountain can be used to save space while providing an inviting ambient sound. To help employees feel comfortable, a fountain will supply moist air when there are constantly running air conditioning units. You can know more about custom water fountains via

Water fountains can help reduce the negative airborne ions that are created by televisions, computers, and electronic equipment. Giving your employees a comfortable and healthy air can boost productivity at work and increase satisfaction. No matter if you're designing an establishment like a hotel or bank water fountain is sure to bring distinct advantages. 

For Hotels, your lobby will be the first impression that guests get of your establishment. If well designed the lobby will convey to visitors that the hotel you are chic comfortable, elegant and luxurious. A fountain added to your lobby can improve the appearance and feel of your hotel instantly. A fountain's visual appeal is an instantaneous effect when the water gushes and flows. 

This immersive event keeps guests sharply focused on the pleasing style of the lobby. Keeping your guests entertained visually can help calm the anxiety of nervous travelers or guests waiting in line to check-in. Additionally, the sounds of water rushing can help to block out any background noise.