Why Explainer Videos Can be Great For Your Business?

You see them everywhere. These animated, catchy videos are 60-90 seconds long and clearly explain a product/service. They also highlight their unique selling points. This strategy is used by many brands to explain their products and increase conversion rates. You can find the most amazing videos for the requirement of your business at https://www.creativetriplet.com/.

Have you ever wondered if such a video could help you get new customers? If you answered No, it's probably time to rethink. Let's find out why.

Conversion Rates Increased

  • Explainer videos can be a great way for customers to get to know your business and engage them. These videos are so effective because they combine audio and visuals to convey a concept in an engaging, understandable manner.
  • These stats from iSpionage on explainer videos could get you excited.
  • Viewers of a web video are 64% less likely to purchase
  • Visitors to retail sites who watch videos spend on average two minutes more
  • 52% of customers say watching product videos helps them make better online purchasing decisions.
  • 59% of senior executives prefer watching a video over reading text if they are both available on the same webpage.

A Forbes survey revealed that 60% of respondents would rather watch a video than reading text on the same page.

Improved User Engagement and Retention

Studies show that people retain only 10% of what they hear if their auditory senses are stimulated alone. However, when both the visual and auditory senses have been stimulated, this number rises to 68%. This rate can be accelerated by a well-written script and high-quality videos. Your potential customers need to be able to answer their questions. This video can increase your conversions.

Improved Google Search Rankings

An SEO blog states that embedding an explainer video on the homepage or landing page can increase user visits by up to 1 minute. Your search rankings are one of the key indicators Google uses to determine the relevancy of a website. This can help drive more traffic to your site.