Using Ice Cream Cart Toys in the Backyard

For as long as I can remember ice cream cart toys have fascinated kids. We would drag them around the neighborhood and my sister would get really mad at me because she thought that she was being mean to the ice cream boy. My mom would get really mad too because she thought I was going overboard with all the attention and energy I was giving her. It wasn't until middle school that I learned why my little girls were so into these things. It was because they loved to play pretend and being an ice cream cart girl had so many advantages.

When you are a kid you love to play games like kings and queens, pirates. Most of us never thought we would have to play such games as ice cream cart people. It seemed like such a silly dream when we were young but now it seems like more kids are into playing this game. The rules for ice cream cart people are pretty simple. Basically you have to keep an ice-cream van filled with cool treats inside the park and run it through town.

When you first start playing it is best to follow one child at a time. This allows you to become familiar with all of the different elements of the game before introducing a new one. You will want to be careful not to hurt your children because this will help you learn the rules easier. It is also important to get your kids some sort of toy truck or car that can carry their ice cream. These items can be purchased at any toy store or even at discount stores.

As the kids begin to see the ice cream cart move around they will be eager to get their hands on it. They love to feel like they are an actual ice cream van. As long as you are aware of what is going on and keep the lid closed kids will not try to open it. But while they are enjoying their ice cream it is a good time to teach them about gravity.

You can easily do this by having a chalkboard in the back of the van. Have the kids write the directions on the board. Have them explain why the car should not touch the ground. Explain about the calories in ice cream and the fat in cake. For younger kids you can have them draw funny faces on the cart. You can also use stickers and stars to help encourage your kids to learn more about nutrition.

Make sure you teach your kids how to pour the batter. Have them line up the containers on the bottom so that they are facing out. Then you can let them slowly add batter to the container. When the container is almost full, just lift it up and it will spill the delicious dessert in one smooth motion. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can until your kid is satisfied.

You can make ice cream from scratch if you don't want to buy an already made one. If you have a freezer, it is much easier since you can freeze fruits, nuts and other treats right in your freezer. It will take you just a few minutes to put your frozen treats in the van. Once the kids get impatient, just pop in the frozen treat into their ice cream maker.

When you go to buy your ice cream cart, look for one that has wheels. This will allow you to bring your ice cream to where ever you go. Most ice cream makers are easy to use and you can use it at home and even take it on a picnic. These days, you can even find electric ice cream makers that only require you to plug it in and the ice cream will be ready at your beck and call. Your kids will love having this ice cream cart in their back yard and you won't have to worry about breaking a sweat getting your kids something cold to eat.