Select Best Type Of Fire Alarm System For Your Property

Regular testing and maintenance of your fire alarms are important. A system can be tested by simply pressing a button. It may be as easy as changing the batteries. It's much easier to test your system if you know more about how it works.

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Manual systems – A collection of points distributed throughout a building that is called a manual system. Call points are alarms that can be activated by pushing the button or breaking the glass. This system sounds an alarm when there is a fire in the area and notifies everyone so they can evacuate.

fire alarm system components

The system doesn't depend on any electrical equipment, which could cause it to fail to detect a fire at the right time. This is a plus. The obvious drawback is that it takes a while for the fire brigade to be alerted if no one is present to see the fire.

Automated systems – These systems are more reliable in fire detection. They can be mounted to the ceiling, powered by batteries, or built-in so that they can be connected directly to mains power.

Built-in systems have the added advantage of never running low on batteries. In other words, if there is a fire, the system won't make a squeak sound like it has run out of batteries. They should be checked regularly to ensure safety.

So select the best type of fire alarm system for your property.