What Are the Signs That Show Your Dogs Have Anxiety?

Dogs with separation anxiety are incredibly excited sometimes. It is the second most common reason people take their pets to shelters for dogs. Every dog is unique and exhibits its anxiety in a unique manner. One can contact for curing separation anxiety in dogs at separationanxietysorted.com.

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Typical Signs That Your Dogs Have Anxiety: 

  1. Whining and Barking

The dog that barks when you go out, or during your absence, is among the most frequent signs of dogs who have moderate levels of separation anxiety. In most cases, the dog will exhibit signs of anxiety prior when you're leaving. When the anxiety levels increase the dog may begin whining and then barking. 

  1. Digging, Scratching, Chewing

The next stage of separation anxiety occurs when a dog is not just barking but becomes more physical. The type of chewing, scratching, and digging is a way to get out of the confines of your space, home or yard, so they will be able to find you. 

  1. Over-Excited

Once you're at home, watch your dog's behavior. Watch for signs of them jumping on you, kissing you, and greeting you overly. Intense and long-lasting greetings are often a sign that dogs suffer from separation anxiety. The greeting isn't normal and peaceful, it is chaotic. The dog thought that you'd never come back, therefore they're not just saying "Hi" They are excited to be back with you.

So, those are some signs that your dogs show you when he/she is dealing with separation anxiety.