Organic Replacement For Sanitary Towels

People are always working to find healthy ways to make their lives easier. There were no sanitary napkins, towels, and tampons in the past, but since their launch, these items have become hot favorites for women as they provide comfort throughout the menstrual cycle.

Tampons and towels, although very convenient, can be thrown away, but they cause a lot of environmental problems. 

Women now have the luxury of choosing eco-friendly feminine hygiene products for their menstrual cycles. You can also look for party in my pants cloth pads to buy Sanitary Napkins online. This product is environmentally friendly because it can be reused after cleaning.

Using Cloth Menstrual Pads When You Have Super Heavy Flow Periods - YouTube

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Thanks to the technology and research of health products; there are now washable and reusable products available in the market that protect the environment and also save your money.

These reusable products are more convenient than regular products and more reliable.

Not long ago this menstrual cup was launched, but the brand is already very popular among women all over the world. Menstrual cups are an alternative to tampons.

In fact, it is a flexible silicone cup that is placed as a tampon; it saves the blood in the cup rather than soaking it. The capacity of the cup is 30 ml; it's more than tampons and towels can handle.

This product comes in a variety of colors and is very supple. You can wash them, but you have to soak them first. There are many suppliers in the market that offer these products at different prices.

Menstrual cups are inexpensive than these products, but they will last for years and women prefer them for health or convenience reasons.