HR Software – Is Your HR and Payroll System Really Integrated?

If the time has come for your organisation to search for an HR and Payroll solution, and you are looking for a system that is fully integrated, make sure you fully understand what this really means. The word ‘integrated’ is very often confused with what should be termed as a ‘single database’ or a ‘unitary database.’

The HR and Payroll software market is becoming more and more complex. It is therefore imperative for any organisation looking for a new HR and Payroll system to find out if what they are being offered is what they really want. For example if information must be immediately available throughout the whole product, subject to security constraints, an HR and Payroll software system with a single database is required. Be aware that sometimes ‘integrated’ is not always ‘integrated!’

Some companies offer an ‘integrated package’ but this does not mean necessarily that it has a single database. What it usually means is that you then have to press a button to transfer the data to another system, it is not done automatically. The only way it will be done in real time is if you have a single database.

True integration involves the HR payroll system for hotels, HR and Payroll department sharing a common database source, ensuring that there is a free flow of data between both sides of the system. The integrated system will give management greater control and much greater flexibility within their departments.

Real time data transfer means that it does not matter who enters the information and that it will be possible to view the data entered anywhere in the system. For example HR may enter a new member of staff, this can then be immediately picked up by the payroll department, and will be seen in real time. Only a true single database integrated system will be able to do this.