How to Select a Wireless Camera for Home Security

A wireless camera, with or without a digital recording device (DVR), is an integral part of any comprehensive home/office security system. The wireless camera is a powerful deterrent for thieves and criminals, even if it's used alone. The wireless cameras can also be used to monitor assets and situations, in addition to security.

Why choose smart Vivint wireless camera?

Vivint wireless cameras have been growing in popularity over the last few years. Traditional wired cameras were used, but only in a limited way. This was due in part to the high cost of wired cameras and partly to the necessity to run wires from the camera to the image/video recorder/monitor.

It is now possible to install a wireless camera at a very affordable price for both home and office surveillance. While wired cameras are gaining in technology and cost reductions are certainly true, wireless technology offers a better option than wired cameras.

Wireless cameras have a significant advantage over wired ones due to the elimination of copper wires as well as the costs associated with running them from A to B. Wires can also be easily attacked and are a target if they are visible. The recording device can be hacked or manipulated by wires.

Wireless cameras can handle these issues because there are no wires carrying video signals. The recording device can also be hidden or removed from the same location. Wireless cameras are similar to wired cameras in that they can be altered by changing the frequency at which it operates.