How A Hemp Seed Oil Is Must For Dogs

A lot of people confuse hemp oil and CBD oil because both are derived from the same plant. But, Hemp oil is obtained from the seed of the plant, hence the name ‘ Hemp seed oil’. CBD oil however is obtained from the stalk, leaves, and flowers of the plant.

If you are wondering ‘If the oil is extracted from the same plants, what is the difference between the two?’

Let us first find out what is hemp vape oil and how it can be good for your pet’s health.

The endless benefits of hemp oil for dogs and cats:

  1. Boost your dog’s immune system:

Hemp contains Omega-3 fatty acids. On the other hand, your dogs do not naturally produce fatty acids; therefore, hemp oil helps pets regulate the inflammatory response, blood pressure, and more.

Hemp also contains a crucial omega-6 fatty acid called gamma-linolenic acid, which is also good for your dog’s body and health.

  1. Helps reduce inflammation:

Inflammation is caused as a result of a natural response to injuries, infections, and allergies. But, inflammation can very quickly get out of hand. This is where essential fatty acids come into the picture.

The hemp seed oil has omega-3 and omega-6, both great anti-inflammatory agents. Hemp seed oil can help reduce inflammation, relieve stiff joints, and keep your pet in good shape.

  1. Improves coat and fur quality:

There are a lot of hemp oil benefits for dogs. Hemp oil has benefits for your dog’s coat and skin. It is known to improve fur and coat quality in dogs. Vets also recommend hemp oil to help with hair fall in pets. Hemp oil can help with skin diseases like atopic dermatitis or granulomas.