Human Gene Editing: Great Power, Great Responsibility

Gene editing companies are a place where technology will soon surpass our humanity. 

In non-medically indicated cases, new gene-editing techniques are used to modify the genome. However, it is not expected that companies like bosterbio  will soon have non-therapeutic uses in human embryos.

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China announced that he had performed ex vivo gene editing on two human embryos. This was presented at the International Human Genome Processing Summit in Hong Kong. It is not a medically indicated therapeutic procedure, but it is unethical and illegal in most countries.

 As a practising scientist and as a person, I am deeply committed to advancing science and using our progress to improve our performance. And a little ironic when I began writing my latest book, The Pursuit of Captain America: 

How Advances in Science, Technology, and Biotechnology Produce a Superman – a book that focuses explicitly on studying the science of changing human biology – I was sceptical about improving humanity. I questioned my perspective at the time of writing, thinking that we had a duty to change human form and function so that we had the best chance of thriving on earth and in outer space. 

Given recent experiments in which human embryos have undergone nontherapeutic gene revision and were discontinued, we need to study the consequences carefully and ensure that what we do and how we obey are based on the ethical principles we have agreed to.