The Different Hip Hop Dance Styles Classes Near You

Hip-Hop and its many styles – Hip-hop has been around for years, but lately, it seems to be a hit in the entertainment world with great force. Today more than ever, hip-hop is considered one of the most influential dance styles of our time!

Here we discuss in detail about hip hop dance lessons. Some of the different hip hop dance styles and moves that are more popular include the following:

Lock – This is a type of hip hop movement in which the dancer locks herself into a certain position before moving forward, rather than having a smooth movement from one dance step to the next. 

Hip Hop Dance Styles

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Cracked – This is a very popular style of hip hop dance that involves fast, sudden, powerful movements that rapidly contract and relax muscles as you dance. Most of the time, this movement is done with the neck, chest, arms, or legs, or a combination of these.

Freestyle  -Dancers primarily improvise, relying on musical rhythms, melodies, rhythms, and other factors ascribed to the music that influences the style of the movement and its main routine. This helps when you have an arsenal of dance moves to try during freestyle.

Break – One of the earliest of the many different styles of hip-hop dance. This somewhat physically demanding dance style requires a great amount of athleticism and coordination and is usually performed by more advanced hip-hop dancers.