Causes Of Anxiety Attacks

To be able to understand the root of the causes that cause us anxiety, we must eliminate the feeling of anxiety that is mild.

The feeling is normal and is quite beneficial in our lives but isn't the root of the anxiety attack. The reason for anxiety is when the symptoms hinder our ability of us to rest or carry out everyday things. Anxiety attacks happen when an underlying reaction occurs that is over the range of conditions that are normally anticipated. If you are also facing these kinds of feelings then you can get online counseling in Calgary at


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What caused anxiety attacks? The causes of anxiety include related medical conditions, environmental elements, genetics, drug misuse, and, most often the mix of all of these. They usually are triggered by one stressful event over which there is no influence, but they can also be seen as an individual characteristic in conjunction with an unfavorable attitude to life.

There are many ways to lower the risk of you becoming a victim and also to reduce more relaxation. The recommendations include:

  • Reduce the intake of caffeine such as tea, cola, and chocolate.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Create regular sleeping patterns.
  • Avoid drinking and smoking marijuana.
  • Addressing the traumatizing and troubling experience.
  • Seek counseling if needed.

Although the causes of anxiety attacks are usually outside of our control, however, we can take steps that improve our situation and allows us to remain stress-free.