Birthday Party For Kids At Bowling Alley

A theme is a must for any party! You can make your party more fun by using a theme, or you can just ignore it. You can have Family Entertainment near Carlisle PA at Bowling, Bar and Restaurant of Midway Bowl by booking your available slot.

Some themes you can look at:


Do we need to say more? These days, Unicorns are all the rage. Unicorns are magical, silly, and full of glitter. All of this spells PARTY TIME!


The unicorns of water. It's all true.


Mermaids are mythical creatures that can make unicorns blush. You can go glam with a tablecloth with a scale print, seashells, and a "sunken treasure box" for your goodie bags.


These days, every kid has a favorite superhero or several. These superhero birthday party supplies are very popular with children. Make sure to check if your child is Team Marvel or Team DC.


Who doesn't like a flower crown?


Your child may be obsessed with dinosaurs if they are like most kids. This timeless theme will never go out of fashion.


Hawaiian shirts, flamingos, and palm trees are all great options for chill vibes.


A boho-chic party for the little trendsetter is a great choice.

The bowling alley is the perfect place to have a date night, host a birthday party, or introduce your children to their favorite childhood games. Enjoy friendly competition and come on down!