Learn About the Types of Camcorders

If you are planning to buy a camcorder, you should know the different types of camcorders and how they can take advantage of your specific needs. Camcorder formats include VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Mini 4K Digital Video camera, DVD, and Digital 8mm. Each format has advantages and disadvantages.

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The VHS format is the oldest type of camcorder. These types of camcorders are quickly becoming obsolete because you can only play videos on a VHS VCR system. VHS camcorders are not as sharp as digital camcorders, which offer pure video at a resolution of 540 lines, VHS camcorders only offer a resolution of 240 lines. They are also heavier and much larger than DV camcorders. They only found this camcorder necessary because their technology was out of date.

VHS Camcoder

Like VHS, the VHS-C format offers a resolution of 240 lines. These analog camcorders come in a smaller size than the VHS camcorder models but use the same technology. The videotapes used in VHS-C camcorders are much smaller than VHS, only in a smaller camcorder design. VHS-C is considered old technology and is no longer used on newer models.

8mm Camcoder

If you want to record more than 1 hour, the 8mm camcorder is perfect. This camcorder can record up to 5 hours of footage and offers better video quality than VHS cameras. To watch videos from your 8mm camcorder, you need to connect your camcorder to the input jack on your TV or VCR system.