Stone Sealing: 4 Things You Need To Know in 2021

Managing natural stone in a modern home can be something that is not usually considered when thinking about home maintenance or renovations. Here are some things you need to know about stone sealing in 2021. 

Sealant Wears Away Over Time

Stone floors tend to be laid and then sealed when they are installed. Over time, the protective sealant wears away through daily foot traffic, furniture movement, and dirt. They should be re-sealed regularly. 

Lack of Sealant Leaves The Stone’s Pores Open

Failure to seal natural stone can lead to premature permanent damage. This can be in the form of chips, gouges and stains. This is because the lack of sealant leaves the stone’s pores open. 

Take Care Of Your Stone Floors

Stone sealer lasts for five to ten years. This varies depending on how well it is taken care of. Factors include the use of chemicals compared to natural cleaning agents, prompt wiping up of spills, regular removal of dirt, dust and grime. Additionally, it is important to take care when moving furniture or not to drop things on the stone as these will cause gauges, dents and scratches, further compromising the layer of sealant. 

image of a cracked and damaged stone floor

Speak To An Expert

When assessing sealant refurbishment, you may want to consider engaging an expert. Although you can do the task yourself, it will be more cost and time effective with professionals as they will have easy access to the equipment and products required. Additionally, their services should be backed by a guarantee so that any issues would be rectified. 

Understanding stone sealing in 2021 can be crucial in ensuring it is properly maintained. Sealing stone is important to making it last and preventing long term and permanent issues.