Property Maintenance Includes The Repair And Restoration Of Stone

Accurate measurements are required before any work can begin as part of property maintenance. This is especially important when it comes down to restoring or repairing existing structures within the building. You can also search online to hire experts for lintel replacement in Sydney.

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Aside from the measurements, it is important to consider the type of masonry used in the original construction, as well as the bedding material and its constituent parts.

The plan must be prepared to clearly show the type of work to be done and the exact sequence of units (bricks, stones) to be saved. They should be identified in the plan.

Any additional work required for restoration should be included in the drawn plan. If it is necessary to make new units, this should be highlighted through a larger drawing. This will allow for accurate reproduction of the replacement units. Photos will prove to be very helpful in this regard.

Brickwork is an integral part of property maintenance. It can produce fine work such as balustrades.

The process for preparing a fine-axed arch can vary depending on the type, but the principle is the same. On the arch's extrados, the setting board should include an outline of the arch.

If the arch has a keystone, these voussoirs must be used to dive the extra-dos in equal amounts. They should not be larger than the bricks' width.