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Macarons are a type of pastry, made from a mixture of almond flour, sugar, egg whites and crystalized sugar. Almond macarons are the most popular and well-known macaron variety, with almond filling, a light and airy interior, and often an outer shell made of chocolate or dark chocolate. 

Almond macarons can be purchased plain or filled. A plain almond macaron is simply a shell made from puff pastry.  If you’re looking for more information about Macarons order online check this out .

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Filled macarons are topped with both flavored and unflavored fillings such as chocolate ganache, buttercream or jelly.

Coconut Macarons are made with coconut-flavored buttercream and a shell made of chocolate or dark chocolate. Cookie macarons are essentially the same as almond macarons, except that they're topped with a small cookie instead of filling. 

The cookie part can then be torn into pieces along its length to create various colors and patterns on the outside of the shell. Blueberry macarons are made from blueberry flavored buttercream and a shell made from either dark chocolate or white chocolate. 

Chocolate macarons are filled with ganache. If you wanted to make multiple flavors with the same macaron, you could make it with a variety of fillings and colors.

For example, you could have different flavors of chocolate (dark or milk), vanilla bean, orange, raspberry and pistachio flavored macarons all in the same box. 

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