Major Benefits Of Installing Automatic Pool Cover

Automatic pool covers are an ideal choice for a lot of pool owners. A good safety cover can keep debris out of your pool, so you don’t have to clean it as much. Automatic pool covers have one of two types of mechanisms that make them work. One option is to use electricity and remote control to open and close the pool.

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Minimizes Heat Transfer

An automatic pool cover can keep heat in your pool, which can help regulate the water temperature. This is especially useful at the beginning or end of a pool season when it’s not as hot. It’s also a good option for colder climates to help reduce heating costs.

Reduces Evaporation

As the pool water goes through the water cycle like any other body of water, you can lose some of it to evaporation. Using an automatic pool cover can keep the water from rising, so its only option will be to fall back into the pool when completing the water cycle.

Keeps the Pool Clean

When you use an automatic pool cover, you can close it to keep things like leaves or animals from getting into the water. Since debris can affect the pH level in your pool, a cover not only keeps your pool clean, but also the levels balanced.