Introduction To Splitgate Override Switch

There are many companies that have developed several products that eliminate the design flaws of the GMC Multipro and Chevrolet MultiFlex hatchbacks. 

The first is a split gate override switch. This switch is intended to prevent damage that occurs when you lower your tailgate(middle door) with the tiller into the receiver. You can also buy the best splitgate override switch via

They basically offer two models: auto engage and manual engage. Auto Engage takes all the thinking away and lets you drive your multipro tailgate with ease. 

With the “Manual Engage” version, you can manually select when the center door should be lowered. This is the perfect version for anyone who likes to use decorative covers.

Don't forget to check out many videos that show how the crash happened and how the Splitgate override switch solved the problem!  

This product fixes the load limiting portion to the tailgate so that your object does not slide out of the loading area while driving. 

There are two models that fit this tailgate: a simple load stop lock and a load stop lock for the Kicker sound system accessory.

Keep your new truck safe and evade potential harm now by picking up the split gate override switch today! It is easy to install, so don't wait any longer!