International Students Need a Visa For France?

Are you planning to enroll in an advanced degree program in France but aren't sure about acquiring a visa? The first step is to be aware that not everyone is required to have a visa in order to study at a French business school. Apart from those students, all other nationality must be granted a visa prior entering France. 

Also, note that there are a variety of French visas, and the type you'll require will depend on the country you're in and its partnership with the French in education. You can also purchase a french passport if you are interested in moving to France.

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The various types of French:

Schengen student (short-stay)

Short-stay Visas are mandatory for those whose studies are expected to take less than 3 months. If the student is certain to leave the country upon completion of his studies, this kind of visa is what he must apply for. It's free and cannot be renewed.

Visa for sitting entrance exams

This kind of visa is intended for students who are traveling to France to take university entrance tests. But, if the student from abroad passes his tests, he's then eligible to request a renewal of a 1-year residence license.

Temporary, long-term stay

This is the type of visa to apply for if you're planning to pursue a degree at a university in France with a duration of less than six months. This type of visa is not able to be renewed, or changed into a long-stay visa.