How To Lay Floor Screeds On Concrete Slab

Floor screeds on a concrete slab are laid after a builder has completed the concrete slab. After all other building elements have been completed. Floor screeds are layers of sand and cement laid on concrete for finishing. 

This allows for additional floor materials like hardwood blocks and wood parquet laminated timber PVC tile and ceramic tiles. The kind of material that will be used will determine the screed that will be laid. It could be rough or smooth using either a wooden or steel float and.

The process used to lay flooring screeds on concrete involves first slash the concrete to eliminate latitude. The smooth cement substance appears on the concrete after casting. After casting, the key is shaped to ensure the proper bonding between the concrete floor and the newly laid floor. You can also seek the help of experts like MAXRaft to get the job done efficiently.

The next step is to moisten the floor in order to avoid the absorption of water from competing between the screed and the slab. Pour the cement slurry on it and then rub it into the slab to form an adhesive agent between the two components.

Set the floor's levels screed, either to ensure it a fall or be smoothly on the concrete slab. Pour the mix of sand and cement onto the surface of concrete. Distribute it evenly using an ax and pound using a rammer to create an even surface. 

Remove any excess mortar using an edge straight and follow the level lines that are marked out. Utilize a wood float until the surface is at the desired level. Be aware of whether a finish is required, such as wooden parquet, or PVC tiles. 

This will make sure that the screed is finished in rough form using the use of a wood float to make ceramic tiles. But for PVC tile or Parquet, a stainless steel floating is employed to add the skimming coating on which they are laid.