How To Find Cheap Arizona Long Term Care Insurance Rates?

Arizona residents can take advantage of the Arizona Long Term Care System to save money on their long-term care. It is designed to address the care needs of elderly and disabled adults who are in a nursing home, or any other institution that provides ongoing care.

A person is not automatically eligible for the program if they meet the requirements regarding age and/or disability. You can find more information about Arizona Long Term Care System also known as ALTCS via

Before coverage can be extended, these other criteria must also be met.

1. To qualify, an applicant must be either a U.S citizen or a legal resident alien who resides within Arizona's borders.

2. A person must have a monthly income of $1,869 or less. For those who are enrolled under the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, (AHCCCS), exceptions may be granted. 

3. The applicant's financial resources are also considered. When determining the available resources of a person, it is not necessary to consider their home or car's value.

After approval, ALTCS can be provided at the person's residence or in a nursing facility or other institution that offers assisted living services.

The ALTCS is one option to find affordable long-term health insurance in Arizona. Arizona residents should find a long-term care agent in Arizona who can help them choose the best solution for their needs.