How Presbyopia Affects Your Eye?

Presbyopia is a condition that is an aspect of normal aging and progresses over time. The signs of Presbyopia begin to manifest when you are 40-45, and is the gradual process of hardening the lens taking place as time passes – until the process stabilizes approximately 20 years after the initial beginning. 

The process of hardening the lens is believed to limit the ability of the eye to alter its form and bring close objects to focus.

Presbyopia symptoms:

  • Trouble getting a clear picture of work close by

  •  Print appears to be less contrasting

  •  More direct, brighter light needed for reading

  • *Reading material should be kept further away

  •  Eyetrain and fatigue during reading

presbyopia treatments

There are many treatment option for presbyopia are:-

In addition to corrective surgery, varifocal lenses provide the best method to treat presbyopia. Varifocal lenses are commercially sought-after due to they do not have any ugly design on the lens. one of the biggest advantages of the varifocal lens lies in its capability to see things at different distances using the only adjustment of moving the head. 

But mostly people prefer eye drops to correct their presbyopia problem.Online stores do not just have the most extensive selection of eye drops  however, you can also browse through their options. In comparison to the costs that retail stores charge, the online stores offer affordable rates, too.