Business Leadership Coaching In Houston For Management Transitions

Tom is a  salesman. He was a master of many emotional intelligence skills. He was charismatic and enthusiastic and was the best performing sales professional in his company. He was a good friend to his boss and his colleagues. Tom was promoted to the position of manager of his sales team when his boss left.

However, his sales team attributed the sudden decline to his inept leadership. They said he was unpredictable and played favorites. He was supportive and helpful on some days, but aloof and harsh on others. The HR department suggested different types of sensitivity training to promote emotional intelligence at work. 

Leadership and emotional intelligence are two of the most important management skills. This is often overlooked when a skilled professional, such as an engineer or salesperson, moves to management. You can also get more information about business leadership coaching via

Managers must not only focus on their own feelings and thoughts but also consider the opinions of others. Managers who lack the necessary emotional intelligence skills are not equipped with the right training and mentorship.

The New Manager

It is the same problem in all fields, including engineering, construction, and scientific labs. A former all-star athlete is not necessarily qualified to coach sports. Some people struggle to transition into managerial positions, while others adapt well and are great leaders. 

The Larger Challenge

Once the leader or manager is aware of the problem, the organization will most likely suffer significant losses. Sometimes, firing the manager isn't the best solution.