An Introduction to Waste Gas Utilization

Today, industries processes waste gases, and that can be captured and converted into advanced biofuels. Waste gases are gases that contain a more percentage of impurities than the amount of methane gas. Carbon capture, utilization play an important role in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce CO2 emissions, carbon capture is paired with sequestration. Gaseous chemical impurities may include carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium, or hydrogen sulfide. You can also know about the waste gas utilization process via online. 

There are no. of energy plants that have been developed that capture carbon dioxide, which is then converted to biofuels. Dastur energy is one among them. Dastur Energy is a leading consulting organization providing innovative, end-to-end services for energy security, making clean energy transitions, and implementing affordable and sustainable energy systems. Their main technology Pillars include Gasification, Industrial Carbon capture, Hydrogen, waste gas utilization, methanol and derivatives, Clean Power Cycles.

During the process, the waste gas utilization is conditioned to create a CO2 gas stream to produce cost-effective carbon capture, as well as a hydrogen-rich and energy-rich syngas stream, which can be used for producing clean power or clean products. Waste gas utilization contains the gas conditioning, gas enrichment, and syngas utilization to produce the end products. Dastur Energy helps their clients to Design suitable CO2 capture schemes with the appropriate source, scale, and technology. They help in appropriate recycling schemes to improve the overall energy utilization.